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Press Release

GE Digital’s Proficy Operations Analytics Software Increases Efficiency with Cloud-Based, Enterprise-Wide Predictive Analytics

June 15, 2021
  • Ready-to-deploy SaaS-based predictive operations center for Industrial IoT and AI
  • Industrial companies can get data and visibility in minutes; achieve actionable insights in hours; operationalize and scale in days
  • Fast time-to-value with pre-built predictive analytics applications



SAN RAMON, Calif. – June 15, 2021 – GE Digital today announced it is adding Proficy Operations Analytics to its industry-leading Proficy suite of software solutions to accelerate digitization by supporting modernization, enterprise visibility and scalability, and continuous improvement with new cloud-based predictive analytics.

Proficy Operations Analytics is a proven self-provisioning, ready-to-deploy SaaS-based predictive operations center for industrial IoT and AI. This cloud analytics solution helps operations, engineering, and executive teams gain data visibility, uncover efficiencies and operational proactive actions at enterprise scale. Within minutes of connecting Proficy Operations Analytics to operational and maintenance data sources, users can achieve visibility to insights that can improve operational and revenue performance.

In order to achieve speedy visibility, Proficy Operations Analytics includes 100+ industrial pre-built data agents that automatically connect to historians, PLCs, MES, SCADA, ERP, Lab DBs, and IoT devices in a secure-by-design, frictionless way with automated normalization of disparate properties for immediate analysis. Self-provisioning processes configure Digital Twins automatically to add the context required to automate analytics on all process and event data. Thirty pre-built industrial predictive applications easily assigned to Digital Twins without any data science or application development requirements help to optimize operations.

“In any factory, people at the forefront - those who perform the key activities - crave high-quality information to use their time effectively and to drive value for the company in their day-to-day activities,” said Lorenzo Veronesi, Research Manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights - EMEA. “We see a great need for tools and solutions that help democratize the use of data science on the shop floor.”

With Proficy Operations Analytics, typical deployments achieve fast Return on Investment on the subscription investment. These gains are accelerated with pre-built predictive analytics applications such as Predictive Quality, Predictive Throughput, Predictive Energy Efficiency, Predictive Uptime, Predictive Asset Reliability, and Predictive Asset Life. These applications do not require data science expertise to implement and incorporate curated datasets that are easily visualized in traditional analytics dashboards, so operators can surface the economic impact of actions to executives.

As part of an overall plan to continuously optimize quality and production, a progressive manufacturer of specialty film products has leveraged predictive technologies to pull in data from multiple disparate data sources, monitor more than 400 measures of line stability, and leverage machine learning to continuously predict top potential causes of line instability and film breaks in real time. Predictive insights are presented to the process engineers in easy-to-understand displays, distilling thousands of pieces of data into just the elements needed to address the current problems. Process engineers are able to use  analytics to understand the causes of line instability and make real-time recommendations to the operations team.

“GE Digital is uniquely positioned to help industrial companies accelerate AI and ML with a full set of industrial data management and analytics-based solutions that feature a scalable architecture, single pane of glass for visibility, and security and availability on premise and in the cloud,” said Richard Kenedi, General Manager of GE Digital’s Manufacturing and Digital Plant business. “Proficy Operations Analytics puts industrial data to work to empower workers and lead global decision-making frameworks, putting data in context to drive resilient business outcomes that make people, assets, and processes work together efficiently.”

As an integral part of the Proficy suite, Proficy Operations Analytics can use the data already collected in Proficy Historian, Proficy Plant Applications / MES, and Proficy Manufacturing Data Cloud to achieve 2-5% more efficiency from manufacturing operations year over year.

More information on Proficy Operations Analytics can be found here.

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