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GE Digital’s Airspace Insight Now Features a Network View Module to Identify Opportunities to Improve Operational Performance

June 21, 2022
  • Network View Module is designed to analyze full flight and surveillance data to calculate sustainability and safety metrics across a network
  • Users can drill down by airport, airline, and city pair to see where waste and safety risks exist


SAN RAMON, Calif. – JUNE 21, 2022 --  GE Digital today announced the introduction of the new Network View Module within the company’s Airspace Insight™ software which, when coupled with optional flight path design and maintenance services, and expert consulting, can help empower airlines to maximize airspace benefits.

The new Network View Module is designed to provide insights that an airline can use to understand where within their network they need to focus to improve operational performance based on a variety of efficiency and safety measurements created to pinpoint trends in airspace waste, to reduce fuel consumption. The module can help to track and measure the result of programs to improve airspace efficiency and safety, and benchmark progress against other airlines, or collaborate with other airlines, regulators, and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to increase industry efficiency and safety.

This module is designed to benefit airlines who are trying to gain a better understanding of their airspace and network inefficiencies. When you have so many airports in your network, where do you focus first? The tool provides network metrics, independent of those produced by the ANSP, that are more tailored to a specific operator or set of conditions. These enhance knowledge sharing and benchmarking to help improve safety and efficiency, quantifying waste and safety risks in the airspace system and illustrate how those metrics are trending over time.

With Airspace Insight, users can click between two modules – the Network View Module and the Airport View Module. Visually, each module provides a map of the area the user is looking to analyze. Users can drill down to a specific airline and specific equipment by defining their network and selecting metrics for color coding. Circles shown are based on the number of operations in that airport or city based on the filters selected  – the bigger the circle the greater number of movements in that airport in the past AIRAC cycle. Circles are color coded depending on efficiency in that airport in terms of metric selected -- the green circles represent no concern and red circles need attention.

The Network View Module is designed to analyze full flight and surveillance data to calculate network-level sustainability and safety metrics. The module highlights where to focus attention to improve operational performance and pinpoints trends in airspace issues. Leveraging a geospatial platform created by partner MapLarge, the module is designed to create easy-to-understand visualizations, and enables filters by aircraft, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) region, and operator. Once a user understands where opportunities lie, they can click into the Airport View Module with Airspace Insight to collaborate and plan next steps.

In addition, regulators who want to help identify safety trends and areas of increased emphasis, and ANSP airspace designers who want to better understand operational issues in their airspace, can use this module for increased efficiencies.

“Airlines are trying to gain situational awareness of safety, sustainability, and efficiency issues, holistically, within an operational network,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “Reduced reliance on anecdotal evidence for understanding operational issues, benchmarking, and knowledge sharing between other airlines are what airlines are looking for. They want to know  which airlines are flying into this airport, and how efficiently and safely are they doing so. Which markets are underserved or not served at all? Airspace Insight’s Network View Module can help answer these questions.”

The Network View Module resides in the cloud on Microsoft Azure® via Airspace Insight allowing airlines to toggle between the two modules – Network View Module and Airport View Module.

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