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GE Aviation is proud to partner India – the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world and expected to become the third-largest air passenger market by 2024. With thousands of GE engines installed on the fleet of commercial, business, military and general aviation aircraft, GE powers aircrafts that fly India.

An acknowledged global leader in building jet and turboprop engines, components, integrated digital, avionics, electrical power, and mechanical systems for aircraft , GE leverages its global service network to support these offerings in India.

Across commercial, military, business, and general aviation fleet, GE is reimagining the future of flight safely and efficiently. Partners like India’s national carrier Air India save time and resources with our predictive maintenance and on-wing engine inspection. GE's military engines provide the power and reliability for many Indian military applications.

Our innovation heritage, technology leadership, and ability to put GE’s global resources to work directly for our customers in India sets us apart. This is why we are well-positioned to manage and maintain India’s commercial airline fleet which is expected to quadruple over the next 20 years.

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Quick Facts

600+ engines

By developing multidisciplinary innovations, over 6000 technologists and engineers at GE in India have helped file over 3500 patents.

3 out of 4

3 out of 4 commercial flights are powered by GE or its partners' engines.


An installed base of producing 39,400 commercial aircraft engines including 26,200 military aircraft engines.

3500+ patents

Over 6000 technologists and engineers developing multidisciplinary innovations have helped GE file over 3500 patents.