Steps to Download Your GE Digital Software

Sample Email

After you receive an email from GE Digital with your activation codes, similar to the one below, you can download the required product installs. You will need to download: the Integrated Installer and Common Licensing. Use the steps that follow to accomplish this task. You will need an Internet connection to proceed.
Note: If you do not have your email, you can also go to and click Orders to log in and access your downloads.

Download the Integrated Install

  1. Click the link in the email from GE Digital to access the web site.
  2. Login using the same e-mail address that the activation codes were sent to.
  3. On the welcome screen, click the Customer Account menu and select Software Order Download. This will open the the Software Order Download page, with your Product List displaying. All of the products that you purchased appear in this product list.
  4. From the Product List on the Software Order Download page, select the Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX link. The Product Information page appears.
  5. Select the product version you want to install. The Software Terms and Conditions screen appears.
  6. Click I Agree to continue.
  7. Using iFIX 2023 as an example, click GE_iFIX_v2023_English_Proficy_Installer.iso to download the ISO for the integrated install.
    Note: This download is larger than your normal download because it includes several product installs in one. Be aware that it may take a longer time to download than your standard, single product installer.
  8. Next, select the Common Licensing executable (for example: CommonLicensing_v20_4_2182_0.exe, or whatever version of Proficy common licensing appears here) to start the licensing download.You will need this license install so that you have all the parts of licensing to administrate it all from the same computer.
    Note: Be aware that the file name on the licensing download may change depending on the latest version number.