About AppHub

AppHub Overview

You can use the AppHub service to combine multiple microapps into a unified interface with global navigation and a common mechanism for user authentication.

As web applications grow in size and complexity, it eventually makes sense to break a large application into smaller, separately created and deployed pieces known as microapps. Microapps are free of technical interdependencies, and can receive requests, apply appropriate logic, and produce a response. These functionalities are coordinated by using simple RESTful web service protocols to interact with a collection of loosesly coupled microservices. The two protocols most commonly used are HTTP request-response with resource APIs and lightweight messaging. Authentication is typically implemented with API keys.

This means that you can use microapps with a bare minimum of centralized management, which supports application development using a variety of programming languages and data storage technologies. AppHub service instances provide the following features to manage microapps:
  • Easy navigation within and between microapps
  • Common user authentication and session management logic for microapps
  • Notifications and alerts for microapps displayed to users
  • Independent deployment and scaling for microapps
  • Microapp reuse across product packages
Figure: AppHub Overview