Predix Time Series Information Fields in the historian-s2s-collector-config.json File

The environment variables to set the Predix Time Series ingestion URL and Predix UAA credentials are available in the historian-s2s-collector-config.json file. The following table describes these variables. For information on the values to provide, contact your Predix Time Series administrator.
Field Description
Cloud Destination Address The URL of a data-streaming endpoint exposed by the Predix Time Series instance to which the data should go. Typically, it starts with wss://.
Identity Issuer The URL of an authentication endpoint for the collector to authenticate itself and acquire necessary credentials to stream to the Predix Time Series. Typically, it starts with https:// and ends with /oauth/token.
Client ID This variable identifies the collector when interacting with the Predix Time Series. This is equivalent to the username in many authentication schemes. The client must exist in the UAA identified by the identity issuer, and the system requires that the timeseries.zones. {ZoneId}.ingest and timeseries.zones.{ZoneId}.query authorities are granted to the client for the Predix Zone ID specified.
Client Secret The secret to authenticate the collector. This is equivalent to Password in many authentication schemes.
Zone ID The unique instance to which the collector will stream data among the many instances of the Time Series service that the Predix system hosts.
Proxy The URL of the proxy server to be used for both the authentication process and for streaming data. A value is required if the collector is running on a network where proxy servers are used to access web resources outside of the network. However, it does not affect the proxy server used by Windows when establishing secure connections. As a result, you must still properly configure the proxy settings for the Windows user account under which the collector service runs.