Overview of the MQTT Collector

The Historian MQTT collector collects Predix time series data, and sends it to the Historian database. It works as follows:
  1. Connects to an MQTT broker, and subscribes to a topic. In this case, the data bus of Predix Edge serves as the MQTT broker.
  2. Collects the data, which is in the Predix time series (JSON) format.
  3. Adds relevant tags to the Historian database based on the data received.
  4. Sends data to the Historian database.
The following diagram illustrates how the MQTT collector collects and sends data. The red lines indicate the initial, one-time steps. The green lines indicate the steps performed every time data is sent.

You can set up the MQTT collector on Predix Edge or a generic Linux distribution such as Ubuntu or CentOS.

Note: In Historian for Linux, the MQTT collector is not a bi-modal collector. Therefore, you cannot set the destination to Predix Cloud.