Important notes on the Server-to-Server Collector Tasks

When you add a tag by choosing from the list of tags in the server-to-server collector, only certain tag properties are copied from the source tag to the destination tag. If you intend to copy raw samples from the source to the destination, after you add the tag, ensure that you set these properties to the required values. Refer to the following table.

Important tag properties that are not automatically copied when you add the tag include:
  • Input scaling settings: If you are using input scaling, since the output of the source tag is the input to the destination tag, you may want to match the EGU limits on the source to input limits on the destination, if you are using Input Scaling.
  • Timestamp resolution: Make sure that the timestamp resolution properties match. For example, do not use the second timestamp resolution on the destination tag, if your source tag uses millisecond timestamp resolution. If your source tag uses millisecond timestamp resolution, then you also want to set your destination tag to also use millisecond timestamp resolution.

The following table describes the tag properties in the Historian Administrator Tags screen that are copied when the destination tag is created via select from the browse. If a property is not listed in this table, it is not copied.

Tab NameProperties Copied


Collection Data Type