About Alarms

CIMPLICITY software generates alarms for:

  • Alarm messages about system events, such as device failures, program terminations, system startups, and system shutdowns. You create and modify system event alarms in the Alarm Definition dialog box through the Alarms folder.
  • Points that are in an alarm state. You create point alarms in the Point Properties dialog box. You can modify them in the Point Properties dialog box or through the Alarms folder.
Note: CIMPLICITY comes with several configured Event alarms.

CIMPLICITY alarm features in the Workbench left-pane include the following:

Other features of alarming include:

Feature Description
Alarm classes Group alarms with similar characteristics.
Alarm strings Name alarm states.
Alarm printer Print alarms and/or events as they occur.
Alarm OPC client Send and receive data through an Alarm and Event OPC server.
Alarm blocking Configure a hierarchy of alarms to receive the most important alarms first.
Alarm translator Offer language and text string options for configuration.

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