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GE Jenbacher Combined Heat Power Solutions (CHP)

GE Works.

In the UK, we're deploying advanced energy technology to millions of homes across the country.

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In the UK, we're deploying advanced energy technology to millions of homes across the country.

GE works by powering the UK with cleaner power from the Jenbacher gas engine.


MILLION: Number of people in the UK we help deliver power to every day.


MW: Total capacity of Jenbacher engines installed in the UK.*


Miles of UK electricity managed by GE's smart grid solutions.

* Enough to power every home in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.
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Hear about GE's Grid IQ Innovation Centre in Bracknell, supporting the UK's efforts to help consumers cut carbon emissions by using energy more efficiently.

Listen to GE employees in Livingston, Scotland talk about their work providing smart energy solutions to UK consumers.

GE's Jenbacher J624 gas engine

The Jenbacher J624

A new level of engineering excellence, the J624 offers significant advantages, particularly in the area of multiple engine power plants for independent power generation and combined heat and power (CHP) solutions.

Learn more about the Jenbacher J624

Meet the GE UK people helping to keep the lights on.

In London, we are making sure that the world's best athletes have world-class medical technologies.

GE works by creating an advanced Polyclinic right in the heart of the Olympic Village.


Athletes and team officials who will have access to the GE Polyclinic.


Heartbeats of an average Olympian since loading this page - 32 beats per minute less than an average person.


Pounds worth of healthcare technology GE donated to the new neonatal unit at local Homerton University Hospital.

Want to get healthy like an Olympian? You can start here.

Want to get healthy like an Olympian? You can start here.

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GE Discovery MR750w and Optima MR450w

GE Discovery MR750w and Optima MR450w

The GE Discovery MR750w wide bore 3T and Optima MR450w wide bore 1.5T MRI scanners are designed for a better patient experience during an exam by naturally following the contours of the human body. Each system offers exceptional image quality of bones, joints and muscles to the clinicians working at the Olympic Polyclinic for a more confident diagnosis of an athlete's injuries. GE is helping clinicians cure with medical technology at the Olympics.

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Know more about GE Sponsorship of London 2012 Olympic Games with GE Interactive London 2012 map.

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Meet the people who make GE work.

In Nantgarw, Wales, we're testing advanced engine technology for some of the UK's largest airlines.

GE Works by designing engines that are at the forefront of technology.

Number of aircraft with CFM* engines that have taken off since loading this page.


Number of football pitches that could fit inside the GE Aviation facility in Wales.


Engineering and business apprentices currently working at GE Aviation in Wales.

* CFM International is a 50/50 joint venture between GE and Snecma (Safran group).
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See how we strip, clean and service giant aircraft engines at GE Aviation in Nantgarw, Wales.

See how the GE Aviation team in Cardiff, UK helps get millions of people to their destinations.

The CFM56-7B Engine

The CFM56-7B Engine

The CFM56-7B is the exclusive engine for the Boeing 737, making it the most popular engine/aircraft combination in commercial aviation.

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Meet the GE people working to make the skies quieter.