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Цифровые технологии

На страже света. Цифровые решения GE помогают обеспечивать надежную работу крупнейшей ТЭЦ Казани

В последние годы третья столица России Казань переживает период стремительного роста. Здесь развернуто масштабное жилое строительство, открываются новые промышленные предприятия, […]

Celebrating no Lost Time Injury across the ASEAN region

In the ASEAN region, we continue to build our culture of safety, as one of the core values that drive […]

The GE Brief – April 9, 2019

April 9, 2019 HOT DATA By one estimate, 90% of all the data in existence has been created in the […]
Internet of Things

Factory Records: GE Providing Procter & Gamble Greater Access To The Cloud For Analyzing Manufacturing Data

We are being flooded by data. By one estimate, 90% of all data in existence has been created in the past […]
Digital Energy

Extreme Makeover: Aging Gas Power Plants Playing The Energy Game Increasingly Defined By Renewables

Three years ago, when GE and Italian utility A2A resurrected a mothballed power plant in Chivasso, they also created a […]

The GE Brief – February 7, 2019

February 7, 2019 GEORGIA’S ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ON OUR MIND When properly maintained, electrical transformers — those sturdy gray boxes that […]

Fullstream BHGE Hadirkan Kelengkapan dan Layanan End to End

Pada tahun lalu, merger antara GE dan Baker Hughes melahirkan anak perusahaan jasa penunjang minyak dan gas (migas) serta energi, […]