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Energy Storage

Lighting It Up: GE’s Battery Storage System Will Gird Bayou State’s Power Grid

When a power outage occurs and the lights go out, every minute counts. Some of these disruptions may be significant […]
Digital Grid

Between The Lines: This Tech Can Help Protect The Power Grid From Hackers

If Thomas Edison had looked at blueprints for many modern electrical grids as recently as 15 years ago, he may […]

Silver Jubilee: Trailblazing GE Jet Engine, For Decades The World’s Most Powerful, Celebrates Its 25th Birthday

Groundhog Day 1995 will go down in the history books, and not just because Punxsutawney Phil cast no shadow. While […]

The GE Brief — February 11, 2020

February 11, 2020 THE ENGLISH PATIENTS “Mission control” might be a concept more commonly associated with voyages to the moon, […]

1,093 Light Bulb Moments: The Many Inventions From The Wizard of Menlo Park

Not every Thomas Edison invention turned to gold. In 1893, after he sold his stake in General Electric for a […]

Cat Videos From The Dog House: How Thomas Edison Helped Invent The Motion Picture Industry

In 2020, 10 bucks won’t even buy you a movie ticket. But back in 1930, it’d get you into the […]

The GE BRIEF — January 28, 2020

January 28, 2020   FIRST IN FLIGHT The skies over Everett, Washington, may have been cloudy, but at Paine Field […]