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A decade ago, some parts of Iraq averaged a mere four hours of electricity per day. Today the typical Iraqi […]

New Plan Involving GE Will Recharge Iraq’s Energy Sector And Economy

In this week’s great leaps into the future, the world’s fastest camera captures light on the move, ultrasound levitation gets […]
The Vanguard

The 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week

WORLD’S LONGEST FLIGHT A Singapore Airlines passenger jet completed the world’s longest flight on Oct. 12, covering 10,291 miles between […]

The GE Brief – October 16, 2018

A week of bio-inspiration: Scientists are figuring out how to use spider venom to treat cancer, and looking to plants […]
The Vanguard

The 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week

“Our development over the past 25 years, has mirrored Vietnam’s transformation from a newly open market, to a lower middle-income […]

Vietnam And GE – Partners In Growth For 25 Years

HIGH TECH FOR TURBINES Wind power makes up more than 11% of the European Union’s electricity. While many new wind […]

The GE Brief – October 11, 2018

Johanna Wellington is standing next to what looks like a shipping container. Her safety goggles are the only clues that […]
Energy Storage

Lightning In A Bottle: This Container is Revolutionizing Energy Storage