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Innovation Nation: The Government And Industry Team Up To Invent The Future Of Energy

Energy will be in the air in Denver this week when 2,000 of the nation’s brightest science and engineering minds, […]

Building a Better Wind Turbine – By Building a Better Team

You’ve probably never heard of Salzbergen, Germany. This picturesque town of approximately 8,000 inhabitants is located in Lower Saxony, 20 […]
Hybrid Power

Shades Of Green: Wind-Battery Hybrid System Debuts In Ireland

In a remote corner of western Ireland known for producing jockeys, rebels and poets, an evolution in renewable energy is […]
Future of electricity

Bad CO2, Good CO2: GE Scientists Use Climate Change Culprit To Make Cleaner Electricity

It’s one thing to design something on paper, another to build it. GE engineers got that first thrill of seeing […]
Energy Storage

Lightning In A Bottle: This Container is Revolutionizing Energy Storage

Johanna Wellington is standing next to what looks like a shipping container. Her safety goggles are the only clues that […]
GE Voices

Can You Hear Me Now? New GE Voices Site Gives Employees, Partners A Place To Learn And Speak Up

When William “Mo” Cowan was named GE’s president of global government affairs and policy in August, he came with a […]
Power Grid

Flick Of The Switch: Engineers Use Plasma To Convert DC To AC

In Los Angeles, people run their air conditioners using power generated by dams a thousand miles north in the Columbia […]