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The GE Brief — June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020 THE ROBOTIC UNDERGROUND If you saw a 6-foot earthworm popping up out a tunnel it had just […]
Women In STEM

Shake It Off: This Edison Leader Shows Young Engineers How To Transform Disappointment Into Opportunity

In 1984, Lee Dillon walked through the doors of GE Aviation’s Edison Engineering Development Program with a clear path and […]

Walter Robb, Who Helped Revolutionize Medical Imaging, Including Tools Now Used Against COVID-19, Dies At 92

There are skilled engineers, and there are able business leaders. Walter Robb was the rare mixture of both. A giant […]

Innovation Nation: The Government And Industry Team Up To Invent The Future Of Energy

Energy will be in the air in Denver this week when 2,000 of the nation’s brightest science and engineering minds, […]

Building a Better Wind Turbine – By Building a Better Team

You’ve probably never heard of Salzbergen, Germany. This picturesque town of approximately 8,000 inhabitants is located in Lower Saxony, 20 […]
Hybrid Power

Shades Of Green: Wind-Battery Hybrid System Debuts In Ireland

In a remote corner of western Ireland known for producing jockeys, rebels and poets, an evolution in renewable energy is […]
Future of electricity

Bad CO2, Good CO2: GE Scientists Use Climate Change Culprit To Make Cleaner Electricity

It’s one thing to design something on paper, another to build it. GE engineers got that first thrill of seeing […]