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Ready for Liftoff: A New Partnership Transports Supplies to Ukraine in a Fraction of the Time

Caroline Morris
August 17, 2023

A year and a half after the Russian invasion in February 2022, some 17 million people in Ukraine are still in need of assistance and nearly 8 million refugees, mostly women and children, have been driven to neighboring countries. With such astounding numbers, it can be easy to become discouraged about the situation. Fortunately, there are groups out there still working hard to help.


Urgent Power: A Mobile GE Gas Turbine Will Help Supply Energy in Wintry, War-Torn Ukraine

Amanda Schupak
February 07, 2023

On an average winter day in Ukraine, temperatures barely creep above freezing. Millions of residents, driven from their homes since war broke out nearly a year ago, huddle against the cold in makeshift shelters and bombed-out buildings. Millions more brace for the blackouts that have become routine since Russian forces began targeting power utilities in October.


Swiss Federal Office of Energy Will Call On GE’s Aeroderivative Turbines for Reserve Power This Winter

Will Palmer
October 05, 2022

Blessed with hundreds of high Alpine lakes, Switzerland gets nearly 60% of its electricity from hydropower, with another 30% coming from nuclear and the rest mostly from renewable sources. This year, to help meet the expected electricity demand during the winter, the country has turned to GE technology.


Difference Makers: A Labor Day Look at the Good Work Being Done Throughout GE

Caroline Morris
August 31, 2022

As Labor Day approaches, GE Reports highlights the contributions of some amazing people who work under the company’s many roofs. These members of the GE family are breaking new ground in their careers while also touching lives well beyond the confines of GE.


Chandra Duraiswamy


Beyond Borders: GE Volunteers Open Their Hearts And Homes To Ukrainians

Amy Merrick
June 22, 2022

Piotr Kozłów vividly remembers when Ukrainian refugees started streaming into Poland as the Russian invasion began earlier this year. An engineer with GE Steam Power in Elbląg, a city on the Baltic Sea in Poland, Kozłów was one of the volunteers who greeted them. Arriving by the thousands at railway stations and border checkpoints, they were mostly women, children and elderly people. They’d had little time to prepare for their journey and no idea when they might be able to return home.


Next Stop, Kyiv: Ukrainian Railways' $1 Billion Deal With GE Is Set To Dispatch Its Trains Into the Future

Dorothy Pomerantz
February 23, 2018
Last year, Ukrainian farmers lost the opportunity to export potentially millions of tons of grain due to the overloaded national transportation system. This fall, new GE locomotives are planned to help ensure the grain harvest makes it to market on time.
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