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Press Release

GE Launches New Distributed Power Business in Latin America

April 08, 2014

  • Distributed Power Combines ecomagination Qualified Product Lines---Aeroderivative Gas Turbines, Jenbacher Gas Engines and Waukesha Gas Engines
  • Business Focused on Meeting Demand for On-Site Power Systems that are Easier to Finance, Faster to Install and More Efficient
  • GE Has Deployed Distributed Power Solutions for Key Projects for Oil and Gas Majors and Heavy Industries in the Latin America Region

MEXICO CITY---April 8, 2014---GE (NYSE: GE) today marked the launch of its new Distributed Power business in the Latin America region. Meeting the growing demand for on-site power systems that are efficient, reliable and sustainable, GE's Distributed Power business is investing US$1.4 billion over four years globally and has three key product lines---aeroderivative gas turbines, Jenbacher gas engines and Waukesha gas engines. All three product ranges are qualified under GE's ecomagination program, which is the company's innovative technology platform to increase customer productivity and drive cleaner energy solutions.

GE's Distributed Power business sees a $100 billion opportunity spanning a variety of applications and will specifically address the increased demand for on-site power from oil and gas majors and heavy industries in Latin America. The industrial sector accounts for a significant part of the power consumed in the region today, with overall demand for electricity projected to grow at an average of seven percent over the next 10 years. Increasingly, industries are relying on on-site power systems to meet their needs and accelerate operational efficiency.

The product lines from GE's Distributed Power bring the dual advantage of assured and reliable power supply onsite as well as off-grid solutions and the ability to work with renewable energy solutions, a focus area in several countries including Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, among others.

Lorraine Bolsinger, president and CEO of GE's Distributed Power business, announced the launch of Latin America's new business. She said: "GE has been a trusted partner in the progress of the region. Today, in line with the growth in the manufacturing sector and increasing demand for on-site power, delivering new power generation solutions is of critical importance to improve regional energy security. GE's Distributed Power solutions enable power generation at or near the point of use, providing our customers more flexibility and control.

"We are honored to launch our Distributed Power business in Latin America, which now includes our Engineering Center in Queretaro and our Service Center in Petropolis, Brazil, for localized service for the aeroderivative and oil and gas sectors. Distributed Power is all about creating local power using local fuels for faster, flexible, scalable and secure power generation. GE's aeroderivative gas turbines and Waukesha and Jenbacher gas engines can be installed in weeks and generate power in as little as five minutes. GE's on-site power generation solutions will enable industries to take the pressure off the national grids, freeing more power for meeting peak load requirements. They also reduce energy losses from transmission and distribution, thus delivering both economic and environmental benefits."

Distributed power has become increasingly popular in countries that are seeking more reliable, efficient energy options near the point of use---on or off the grid. According to a report by GE, distributed power will grow 40 percent faster than global electricity demand between now and 2020. More communities and businesses are installing distributed power technologies to improve access to electricity in remote areas with poor or non-existent electric grids.

In both developing and developed economies, industry is using distributed power to improve industrial and residential energy efficiency and ensure they have emergency power in the event of natural disasters and other unplanned outages. At the same time, the oil and gas industry relies heavily on on-site power to provide electricity to remote operations as well as mechanical power to pump and compress gas.

Strong regional footprint

GE's Distributed Power solutions already are being deployed across several key industries and oil and gas majors in Latin America and are helping GE meet the needs of its growing aeroderivative gas turbine and gas engines customer base in the region.

GE's Brazil Service Center is located in the city of Petropolis, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, on 1.9 acres of land and services natural gas, liquid fuel, biofuels and sugarcane-based ethanol-fired machines. The 2,044 square-meter building provides the following benefits:

  • Services and logistics processes;
  • In-country shop and component repair capabilities as applicable (LM2500/LM6000);
  • Complex assembly support;
  • Will have the capacity for more than 100 units in five years; and
  • Addresses customer localization requirements---engine and component repairs and future localized equipment content.

GE's Center for Advanced Engineering (GEIQ), located in Queretaro, Mexico, is one of the GE's most complex research and technological development centers in the world. GEIQ is developing products and solutions for the aviation, power generation and oil and gas industries. In 2013, GE invested more than US$20 million in the expansion of its facilities to increase its capacity to a total of 2,200 engineers.

GEIQ, one of the largest engineering centers in Mexico, is responsible for developing solutions for the future by:

  • In the power generation industry, developing capacities for the design of aeroderivative marine packages, which use aviation technology to generate electrical power;
  • Providing customers with regional support for the gas and steam turbine industry; and
  • Addressing customer applications and requisitions requirements in the region.

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With cumulative R&D spend of US$6 billion targeting US$10 billion by 2015, GE's ecomagination portfolio has exceeded targets, reaching US$25 billion in revenue from ecomagination products in 2012. Exceeding its environmental footprint targets of 25 percent, GE has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 32 percent and 46 percent respectively. Annually, GE invests over US$10 billion to launch new products and build global capability. Today, the company has over 1,000 clean technology patents and 105,000 patents overall.

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