Running the Webspace Admin Console

About this task

The left panel of the Webspace Admin Console lists all Webspace Servers running the Proficy Webspace Application Publishing Service. By default, the Webspace Admin Console displays information for the server running on your machine. To connect to other servers and view information about them, click the server name from the list of Webspace Servers.

If a server's icon displays a red X, the administrator does not have administrative rights on the server. If a server's icon displays a red x and is grayed out, the server is no longer running the Proficy Webspace Application Publishing Service or it has been turned off. In either case, the administrator is unable to access that server from the Webspace Admin Console application.  

Click the All Servers icon in the left panel of the Webspace Admin Console to view a list of all active sessions on the network. This allows you to view active sessions without connecting to individual servers. This is also helpful for locating a particular session's server.

The Status Bar is displayed at the bottom of the Webspace Admin Console window. The Status Bar provides brief descriptions of menu commands when the mouse pointer is placed over that item in the menu. The Status Bar indicates the name of the Webspace Server currently being accessed, as well as the CPU utilization and memory usage for that server, as calculated by the Windows Task Manager. The last two items on the Status Bar, Sessions and Processes, indicate the number of sessions and the number of processes running on the active Webspace Server.

If All Servers is selected, the Sessions number will reflect all the sessions running on the network, and the Processes number will reflect all the processes on the network.


  1. From the Webspace Admin Console, on the View menu, click Options. The Options dialog box appears.
  2. Select the Status Bar check box, or click View and then Status Bar.
    Note: For a list of Webspace Admin Console shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts for the Webspace Admin Console. In the Webspace Admin Console's dialog boxes, you can easily get Help by right-clicking an item, and then clicking What's This? A pop-up window will appear, displaying a brief explanation of the item. You can also get Help by clicking on the title bar of a dialog box and then selecting an item.