Quality Data

Quality variables identify actions you must perform, and measurement ranges you must meet upon completion, when you are working on an operation or a task.

Quality variables appear in the operator web client in alphabetical order unless an administrator changes the order in PM MES for a given operation or task.

You can add or update actual values for the quality variables associated with operations and acquired tasks, and you can copy a value from one serial number to the remaining serial numbers. Variables are set up by the administrator to match the needs of the customer for the type of work being completed. If you are an operator with appropriate access permissions, you can edit the upper and lower reject values in the operator web client.

For variables where measurements are required, administrators define upper, lower, and target values for variables in PM MES, and the operator client displays these threshold and target values in the Quality Data table. The table also contains an additional column where operators enter their actual values.

Quality variables apply to non-serialized and serialized parts:
For this type Operators can...
Non-serialized parts Select each variable name and enter the corresponding actual value.
Serialized parts Switch between two displays and enter values:
Variable name
Variable names appear in the panel on the left, and the serial numbers appear in the table for each selected action.
Serial number
Clocked-on serial numbers appear in the panel on the left, and the variable names associated with the selected serial number appear in the table.

As operators complete each operation or task, they enter or select the actual data for the variables in the Value column. Values that are out of the defined range appear in red, along with the exceeded value on the right.

This graphic displays an operation with Serial Number selected, where the serial numbers appear on the left and the variable names appear in the table. The table layout is the same for a task. The static short name for each action is always shown in the Alias column.


Data formats are specified in the Unit of Measure column. If you enter an incorrect data type, such as a string in an integer field, an error message appears. Re-enter the value in the correct format.

  • Values within range appear in black font as you enter them. A blue border surrounds the Value field before the values are saved.
  • Values outside the specified threshold are accepted by the system, but appear in red as you enter them. The values remain red, and the exceeded threshold value (upper or lower reject) is also displayed in red on the right.
  • When you save your values, a green border appears briefly around the entire row as confirmation.

    If you are entering values for a task, the table closes after you release or complete the task.