Redefining Upper and Lower Reject Values

Operators with extended permissions can use the operator client to edit upper and lower reject values that were set up in the MES.

Values that exceed the upper or lower reject thresholds, as well as the exceeded threshold value, are automatically colored red upon entry of the quality variable value. Operators who are assigned the Edit Shop Order QV Specifications permission for the matching production line can edit the threshold values where necessary; for example, if an incorrect value was originally set up in the MES, the operator can correct the value immediately in the operator client.
  1. Locate an operation using the Search option, then click the operation to view its details.
  2. Select the Quality Data tab.
  3. If the parts are serialized, select a serial number from the panel on the left.
  4. Use the Choose View drop-down list to change the display mode from Serial Number (default) to Variable Name.
  5. For serialized or non-serialized parts, click in the Lower Reject or Upper Reject fields to modify existing values as necessary.
    The operator client saves the data as soon as you click out of the field.
  6. To return to the list of operations, click Operations in the breadcrumbs string displayed in the Brilliant Manufacturing banner. The string is persistent on all pages.