Entering, Copying, and Editing Quality Data

Operators can enter actual quality variable values related to operation or task information and actions, and compare them to defined ranges.

  • Quality variables must be set up by an administrator in PM MES for operations and tasks.
  • You must be clocked onto one or more serial numbers, or an unserialized operation, before you can enter values.
  • You must acquire a task before you can enter data specific to that task.
  1. Locate an operation using the Search option, then click the operation to view its details.
  2. Select the Quality Data tab.
  3. For serialized parts:
    1. Select a display mode (Serial Number or Variable Name) from the Choose View drop-down list.
    2. Select a serial number or variable name from the left panel.
    3. Enter your actual value in each applicable quality variable row.
      If a quality identifier has been identified as mandatory in PM MES (indicated by an asterisk in the operator client, as shown below), you must enter a value before you complete the operation or task or an error message appears.
  4. For non-serialized parts, enter the value for each listed variable.
  5. Optional: For serial numbers that you are clocked onto, you can copy a quality variable from one serial number to the remaining serial numbers in the operation.
    1. Select the variable and click the arrow on the far right, as shown in the following example.
    2. When the menu opens, click Copy.
      A message appears, stating that you are copying the variable to all serial numbers in the operation.
    3. To confirm the copy action, click Apply.
      The value for the variable is copied to all serial numbers, and overwrites the previous entries.
  6. Optional: To edit a copied quality variable value, select the serial number and the quality variable, then change the value.
    This action does not change the values for the other serial numbers where the variable value was copied.
  7. Optional: To clear a quality varable value, copy a NULL field.
  8. To return to the list of operations, click Operations in the breadcrumbs string displayed in the Brilliant Manufacturing banner. The string is persistent on all pages.
When you are finished, continue to Completing Operations.