Starting an iFIX Collector

Before you begin

Note: See Installing Historian Components and Installing Historian Data Collectors for detailed installation instructions.

The preferred way to start an iFIX Collector is to add the collector to the iFIX System Configuration Utility (SCU) startup list. The collector then starts automatically whenever you start iFIX

To add the collector to the SCU list, open the Task Configuration dialog box in the SCU and enter ihFixCollector.exe in the Filename field and runasdos in the Command Line field.

You can also start an iFIX Collector as a console application, using the Start button on the Windows toolbar and the Historian 6.0 Program Startup Group.

To shutdown an iFIX Collector running as a console application, type "s" in the console window and press Enter.

If iFIX database contains a large number of blocks, you can use the Delay Collection at Startup property of the collector to give the I/O driver a chance to read data into the blocks.

Note: If you attempt to start the iFIX Collector without iFIX running, an incorrect status displays in the Collection Status field of the Collector Maintenance Screen.