Collector-Specific Configuration (iFIX)

The Configuration tab displays the following information.

Node Browse Criteria

Displays the mask used to select tags when performing a browse of collector node. The default is the iFIX SCADA or Client node name on which you installed the collector.

If you want to browse for tags on other iFIX nodes via FIX networking, you can enter the other node name(s) here, separated by commas with no spaces. You must have the iFIX system configured for networking. For more information, refer to the iFIX Electronic Books on FIX networking.

Note: If you have modified iFIX node name, then you must also update the Nodes to Browse list before browsing tags from the iFIX collector.

When you browse multiple nodes for tags to add to an iFIX Collector, do not use space characters between node names or between the required comma and next node name. All characters after the space are ignored.

Tag Browse Criteria

See Selecting Tag Browsing Criteria for more information.

Note: If you need to add block or field types to the list, edit the FixTag.dat file for the Historian Administrator you are using. See Editing FixTag.dat File for more information.