Installing the Historian Excel Add-in

Before you begin

You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

About this task

You install the Excel Add-In package as one of the standard installation options from the Historian installation program.

Run the install on the computer on which you want to use the Excel Add-In and select the Excel Add-In option from the list of options to install.

You can also install the Excel Add-In by installing the Client tools on a machine that does not have the Historian Administrator or archive installed.


  1. Run the Historian install.
    The Historian splash screen appears.
  2. Click Historian Excel Add-in.
    The installation runs and completes.
    Note: On a 64-bit Windows operating system, the default destination folder for all 32-bit components (such as collectors and APIs) is C:\Program Files\Historian\x86. Similarly, for all 64-bit components (such as Excel Add-in 64-bit and SQL Server 64-bit), they are installed in C:\Program Files\Historian\x64.
  3. If asked to restart your system, click Yes.
    Once the restart is completed, you can activate the Excel Add-in.