Collector Specific Configuration for CygNet Collector

Enter the value for the CygNet Collector-specific field parameters through the CygNet Collector Maintenance - Configuration tab of the Historian Administrator.

Configuring a recovery time

To configure a recovery time, perform the following:


  1. Start the Historian Administrator.
  2. Select the Collectors screen.
  3. Select the CygNet Collector.
  4. Click the Configuration tab.
  5. In the Recovery Time (hr) field, enter a recovery time, in hours.


Descriptions for collector specific fields are listed in the following table.
Note: Changes to any of these parameter require a restart of the CygNet Collector.
Recovery Time(hours)Maximum recovery time, data collector should collect from server, at the time of collector startup.
Recovery logic is activated when the CygNet Collector and CygNet Server reestablish a connection after a connection loss, or when the CygNet Collector is started. The CygNet Collector will attempt to recover all data samples between the current time and the last known write time, up to a maximum number of hours configured for the collector. Continuous collection resumes only after the previous data has been recovered.
Note: The default recovery time available is 0 hours and maximum value is 7 days.
Thread Count

Maximum number of threads span for reading data from CygNet server.

That is, number of threads to be used by collector for querying data from cygnet. Collector must be restarted for change to take effect.

CygNet Debug ModeDebug Mode for CygNet Collector.
This will enable verbose logging to the CygNet Collector log. Details of CygNet query transactions can be enabled by setting the value to 255. A value of 0 turns off the Cygnet Debug Mode.
Note: Do not leave Cygnet Debug Mode on for an extended period. a maximum of 10 minutes is recommended. Leaving it on will create very large log files and could use up a great deal of disk space.
General OptimizedWhether to apply optimization on the tag data reads.
Cygnet Collector parameters can be modified in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GE Digital\iHistorian\Services\CygnetCollector:
  • General2 = Recovery Time(hours)
  • General3 = Thread Count
  • General4 = Cygnet Debug Mode
  • General5 = General Optimized