Hierarchical CygNet Collector Browsing

CygNet Server supports hierarchical organization of your tags in a tree structure, then Historian will use the server's hierarchy when browsing CygNet Collector in the Non-Web Administrator.

About this task

To browse for CygNet Collector tags in a hierarchy:


  1. Open the Non-Web Administrator and select Add Tags From Collector. The Add Multiple Tags from Collector dialog opens.
  2. From the Collector drop-down, select the CygNet Collector associated with the Cygnet Server you wish to browse. A hierarchical tree appears in the Browse Results window.
  3. Browse your CygNet data source for new tags.

  4. To limit the displayed tags to only those that are not collected, from the Show Only list, select Source Tags Not Collected.
  5. To limit the displayed tags to match a tag name or tag description, enter the value to match in the Source Tag Name or Description text boxes.
  6. Navigate to the node in the tree you want to browse, and then click Browse. The tags within the selected portion of the CygNet tag hierarchy will be displayed.
    • To browse automatically, select the Auto Browse checkbox. The available tags display in the Browse Results window whenever a node is selected in the tree.
    • To show all child elements within a hierarchy, enable the Show All Children checkbox. All tags at, or below the hierarchical level of the selected node in the tree display in the Browse Results window.
  7. Select the tag(s) you want to add to Historian, and click Add Selected Tags. Collected tags appear in black text in the tag list.