Edge Release Notes 2.9.0

Important Upgrade Information

Do not upgrade to Edge 2.9.0 if your Edge VM device has more than one ethernet interface. If you have already upgraded your multi-interface Edge VM, roll-back by selecting the alternate partition in the pre-boot screen displayed in the VMware console at the beginning of the VM startup.

New Edge VM deployments of the 2.9.0 PROD image will recognize only the first virtual network interface. The 2.9.0 DEV image will deploy with the configured virtual network interfaces defined.
Note: DEV images should be used only in a secured lab environment.

New Features

The following new features were implemented in Edge 2.9.0.

Edge Application Deployment
Improvements were made to Edge Application deployment for volume mount access and Docker Trusted Registry support. A custom command for "docker login" is required for private DTR access..
Support for Recently Updated Edge Components
This release includes support for the following recently updated Edge components:
  • Edge Agent on Ubuntu 23.03.
  • Predix Data Broker (CDP) and PETC updates made for the Alpine base kernel image 3.14 update.

Known Issues

This release contains the following known issues.

Erroneous PETC Error Messages
  • When you next login after upgrading the Edge OS from PETC, a message may appear to indicate that the upgrade failed, however, the OS upgrade was successful.
  • When you reset a device from PETC, a message may appear to indicate that the reset failed, however, the device reset was successful.