Edge OS Image

Edge OS images are stored in Artifactory.

To access Artifactory downloads, you will require a GE SSO (single sign-on) username and approval to access Artifactory.

Request a GE SSO

Use the following steps to obtain a GE SSO if you do not already have one.

  1. Complete the Your GE SSO Account request form. All fields marked with a checkmark are required.
  2. Click Submit.
Note: The only non-alphanumeric characters allowed in your GE SSO are an underscore (_) and a period (.). Using any other non-alphanumeric characters for your username will result in an invalid authentication in Artifactory.

Request Artifactory Access

Once you have an SSO, use the following steps to request access to Artifactory.
  1. Complete the Edge Artifactory Access Requests form.
  2. Click Submit.

Image Downloads