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"If you are comfortable and satisfied, you are dead intellectually" - That was the motto of my parents as we grew up, especially for me as I was the youngest of 4 and the most calm and composed (read Lazy) in the lot :-). That was the defining motto for me as I took on my GE career 16 years back and it still keeps me going every day !! The amount of learning that you get from challenging assignments is unparalleled, but the call to take that on is a real tough one.

I still remember when I got a call to lead the Fleet Support Organization, I was excited but very apprehensive. I had never done Customer support earlier and had no clue about Digital. I was leading  Strategic and Regional Marketing and my key role was to build the Growth Playbook for the business. It was a great role and helped me understand all the nuances of the business and also helped develop what the future will look like. Moving from a strategic role to a truly operational but possibly a game changing role was exciting and I took it on. The next 2.5 years were great learning and a wonderful example of what teams can accomplish as we launched Predix, Branded AOC to Fleet Support , increased our efficiency by 20% while reducing costs by ~50%. This was the best example of using strategy to drive change in a day to day operational environment.

While we were moving mountains at Fleet Support and Digital, I then got offered an assignment as the Sales RGM for ASEAN and India region based in Singapore. This was a real tough call as it will mean that my wife (who worked in Finance in GE Aviation) will have to relocate with our 5 year old.  But the whole prospect of being at the front end, winning with key customers in the fastest growing region of the world and getting value for our products tipped the decision in favor of being uncomfortable. My wife- Shachi was rock solid support as we went through the transition even though she herself was trying to find the right role in GE. As I look at the last 18 months in the role, I was fortunate to have a great team and as a team have accomplished a lot – 2017 was a record year. But more than the numbers, it has been the relationships, the customer connect and being able to use that customer connect to drive a win-win for both has been a home run!

I have been extremely lucky to work for and with the best people in the Industry. My motto still remains the same – Be ready to experiment, learn and be uncomfortable!!

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