Our innovation and technology

Propelling GE into a New Era

General Electric

From ensuring more people have access to more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy, to helping people thrive by staying connected to family, friends and economic opportunities, we are committed to making a substantial impact on people and the planet for the better.

Leading the Energy Transition: Electrification and Decarbonization

As a company whose technology helps generate approximately 30% of the world’s electricity, we have a meaningful role to play in the energy transition and a strategic imperative to electrify and decarbonize the world.

General Electric

Developing the Future of Flight: Defining Flight for Today, Tomorrow and the Future

We are currently developing the next suite of engine technologies—including advanced architectures such as open fan, hybrid-electric and electric propulsion concepts, and advanced thermal management concepts—that offer the potential to achieve at least a 20% additional improvement in fuel efficiency compared to today’s state of the art single-aisle aircraft engines.

General Electric