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OneHR.ge.com is your personalized access* to GE pay, benefits and HR services. US-based retirees can browse OneHR to find answers to questions without looking for a phone number.

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If eligible, OneHR provides answers to:

  • How do I prove my pension income?
  • How do I see my pay history?
  • How do I change my direct deposit?
  • How do I update my home address?
  • How do I make changes to beneficiaries?

*For eligible US-based retirees. Please be aware, a GE Single Sign On ID (GE SSO ID) is required for access to OneHR.ge.com. Use your GE SSO ID to access OneHR.ge.com anytime, anywhere. The information available to you depends on your eligibility and enrollment at the time of logon.

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*For eligible US-based retirees. Your GE SSO ID is required for access to OneHR.ge.com

If you know your SSO and password, try logging in to OneHR at https://onehr.ge.com/.