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GE offers easy, convenient features to help retirees stay up to date on benefits, tips and company information.

OneHR – GE Pay & Benefit Emails (U.S. Only)

Sign up on OneHR to get information sent directly to your inbox. Receive reminders and monthly summaries (if eligible), tips for updating your address and tax information, learn how to verify GE employment or income and more.


GE Voices

GE Voices is a way to learn more about the economic impact GE has in your community and about issues that could affect you and the company. It’s a way to make your voices heard – because when GE wins, communities win.

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GE's Investor newsletter

GE’s Investor Relations newsletter is a good way to stay updated on GE’s financial news, from earnings calls to our annual report. You can also subscribe to our corporate blog, GE Reports, which covers GE’s latest innovations alongside stories from our 125-year history. Subscribe to the newsletter and check out GE’s various social media accounts to receive updates and new information about GE.

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Welcome to Life Balance - discounts brought to you by GE

The Life Balance online portal replaces Life Mart as GE’s discount supplier and provides year-round access to discounts on millions of popular products and services for all GE retirees and surviving spouses. Learn more and start saving by registering at:

Important U.S. Retiree information

Helpful information for retirees and spouses who currently receive benefits from GE.


Moved recently or planning on moving?

When you change addresses as a GE Retiree, remember to update your contact information at: > Staying Connected - I want to … Update my address

GE U.S. Savings and Retirement FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions

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OneHR is your personalized access to GE pay, benefits and HR services. Eligible retirees can browse OneHR to find answers to common questions that retirees ask, including answers to questions related to pension income, pay history, direct deposit, beneficiaries and keeping your address current.


Staying informed is important. Access the help you need, when you need it most.

Help with your GE Single Sign On

Your GE Single Sign On (GE SSO ID) provides access to
If you are a US-based retiree and need assistance with your GE SSO ID, please contact the GE Pension Inquiry Center at 1-800-432-3450 Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern time.

Help with your GE password

If you know your GE Single Sign On Identification (GE SSO ID), but you do not have the password for it, you may set or reset your password quickly and easily online using the Forgot Password feature.

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Help with pension and benefits questions (U.S. Only)

If you have a pension or benefit question, can help with answers for common questions our retirees ask and with a list of experts to reach with your question.

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