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As a digital industrial company engaged in a wide range of industries, our ability to compete can be affected by government policies at the federal, state and even local level. Click on a topic to learn more about specific policies that impact GE, our employees, suppliers and other partners.
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GE Invests in America

GE Voices is a venue where people can explore GE’s impact across the US, learn about critical issues affecting GE, and make sure their voices are heard.
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As a high-tech industrial company engaged in a wide range of industries, our ability to compete can be affected by government policies at the federal, state, and even local level. These issues affect GE businesses, and in turn our employees, suppliers and other partners. Click on a topic to learn more about a specific policy concern.

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Holly Comanzo

Senior Research Chemist, GE Global Research Center

Soon after graduating from SUNY Cobleskill in 1980, Holly Comanzo started at the GE Global Research Center in 1980. Today, Holly oversees the development at the phosphor lab and is an active member of the GE Women’s Network. To introduce girls to STEM fields, Holly also started teaching a Chemistry-for-Kids after school program.


David Dombrowski

Program Leader, GE Aviation

David Dombrowski and his son, Chris, both work at the GE Aviation headquarters in Evendale, Ohio. Dave is also a program leader in the Engineering and Technology department and advocates for the People with Disabilities Network.


Al Walker, Jr.

Team Leader, GE Renewable Energy

Al Walker works for the GE Company, LM Wind Power, as Team Leader in the Cut and Grind Department. Al is speaking out in support of The Wind Catcher Program because he sees it as a success for both his family and the entire state of Arkansas. The most rewarding part to Al is “once you see [the windmills] on the highway and then you can pat yourself on the back.”


Danny Musselwhite

Owner, Sound Machining

Danny Musselwhite started Sound Machining in 1997. The company has been a supplier to GE for 10 years and today GE represents a majority of its business. Partnering with GE has allowed Danny to grow his company, including recently moving into a new facility.


Albert H Klopfenstein

President, ChemValve Inc. Tomball, Texas

ChemValve is a family-owned business that was started in 1993. The company manufactures valves for GE Power. With the help of the increased business with GE, the company expanded in 2004, moving from a rented facility to a new plant.


Robert Hurst

President and CEO, Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. Bamberg, SC

Phoenix Specialty has been working with GE for nearly 70 years. The company manufactures specialty washers, shims, seals, gaskets, and spacers for GE Aviation. Phoenix Specialty, which employs 100 people in Bamberg, South Carolina, has grown because of its partnership with GE.


Adam Olshefsky

Owner, EDS Precision Systems Arlington, VA

After serving in the Air Force, Adam Olshefsky founded EDS Precision Systems. GE Power, one of EDS Precision Systems’ first customers, uses the company’s Precision Water Level to assemble steam turbines. When GE places an order with EDS Precision Systems, the company contracts more than 10 other U.S. businesses to complete the order.


Robert Dill

Sales Manager, Holloway Houston Houston, TX

Holloway Houston provides lifting equipment for GE Power and GE Oil and Gas turbines. Since Holloway Houston began working with GE eight years ago, the company has added 10 employees including welders, quality control operators and painters.


Tony Denhart

University Relations, Indianapolis, Indiana

A university relations leader for GE based in Indianapolis, Tony Denhart, when faced with the chance to speak directly with Congresswoman Brooks of Indiana, spoke to the two areas most important to him, his family, the state of Indiana and, GE. Speaking from the heart, Tony received a positive response from Congresswoman Brooks, proving that sharing what matters most to you can truly impact decisions makers of America.


Jeffrey Bruck

Assembly and Test Technician, Durham, NC

Following in the footsteps of his father, a former IRS employee, who encouraged his son to communicate with elected officials, Jeffery Bruck takes engaging with the local and federal government to heart. Jeff has seen the evolution of the GE Aviation facility in Durham, NC, where he works firsthand and has made a point of reaching out to representatives about the positive impact GE has had in North Carolina.

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