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"Climate change cannot be solved without substantial advancements in technology. As a company whose people have led innovation for more than 120 years, we are uniquely positioned and are deploying GE’s global reach, expertise and depth of engineering capabilities to address this urgent challenge."

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Convergent orders GE hardware for hybrid solar-storage project in New York: Energy storage solutions provider Convergent Energy + Power will deploy an integrated solar inverter and battery package by GE Renewable Energy

75-inch GE blade built for Hinkley Point C nuclear steam turbine in UK: The largest last-stage blade ever made will enable the plant to produce 3.2GW of carbon-free energy

GE Energy Transition Commitments

carbon neutrality

We are strengthening our commitment to sustainability and setting a goal to become carbon neutral in our facilities and operations by 2030. We are targeting the majority of our progress through absolute reductions of direct emissions and energy use achieved through operational investments, smart power sourcing and elimination of waste.

Scope 3

This year, GE announced a new ambition to be a net zero company by 2050, encompassing not just GE’s operations, but also the Scope 3 emissions from the use of sold products. We look forward to partnering closely with our customers to help them succeed in meeting their own ambitions.

International collaboration

GE supports the science and goals expressed in the Paris Agreement to reduce global carbon emissions. We joined top companies in calling for an ambitious U.S. climate policy and supported the first-ever global standards regulating aircraft greenhouse gas emissions.

new build coal

Last year, GE announced its planned exit of the new build coal power market. Following this announcement, we are continuing to focus and invest in our core renewable energy and power generation businesses, working to make electricity more sustainable, affordable, reliable and accessible and helping customers to reduce their emissions.

The future of energy

GE is committed to tackling the world’s biggest challenges and believes that climate change is one of the most pressing issues we face today, but also a strategic opportunity for GE. We are focused on playing an essential role in advancing the global energy transition and building decarbonization solutions for a world that works, and we are uniquely positioned to help meet the world’s needs for reliable, affordable and sustainable power and safe, efficient flight. One-third of the world’s power is created by GE and 90% of power transmission utilities worldwide are equipped with our technology. The world’s largest installed base of nearly 38,000 commercial aircraft engines is powered by GE and our partners.

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Our Energy Transition work in action

How The Digital Grid Is Helping Bring More Renewable Energy Online: GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions unit is helping make the electrical grid smarter and more resilient

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Power Move: Despite COVID-19, Munich’s new, more-efficient gas turbine arrives on time, supporting Germany’s energy transition

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Advancing the global energy transition

Tackling the urgent global priority that is climate change will require solving the energy trilemma of economic development, reliability and sustainability. People around the world deserve access to sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity, which is critical to reducing poverty and hunger and promoting access to education and health care. Doing this will require a combination of global action, national commitments and consistent policy and regulatory frameworks.

A cleaner energy future will be achieved through a combination of lowering emissions today – growing renewables, coal-to-gas switching and modernizing digital and physical grid assets – and innovating in breakthrough technologies. GE has the ability to drive significant change because of its size and scale, and we are investing in a range of decarbonization technologies, including cost-effectively scaling renewables, such as wind power; moving toward net zero gas power with hydrogen and carbon capture technologies; modernizing and digitizing the grid; advancing carbon-free nuclear power generation; and researching hybrid and electric flight.

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