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Generator Health Monitoring

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Generator Health Monitoring System

Successful power plant generator maintenance in today’s competitive industry means controlling the risk of failures and unplanned downtime by making smart decisions based on more accurate operational and inspection data.

Generator Health Monitoring (GHM) is a fully integrated and modular online, remote monitoring suite available for any type of power plant generator that allows continuous inspection and condition assessment as well as the earliest identification of any evolving issues.

With GHM solutions you will be able to implement a cost-effective condition-based generator maintenance strategy that increases a power plant's reliability and availability. Allowing improved outage planning and lifetime extension of the plant’s equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

Learn more about the portfolio of generator monitoring services and generator monitoring modules provided by GE's Power Services team. 

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Generator Monitoring Service Levels

Level 1 Sensors 
Permanently installed sensors, including cabling and connection boxes.

Level 2 GOLD® Service
GE’s periodical online generator monitoring service allows you to cost-effectively assess the condition of a power plant's generator, for any OEM. It involves the installation of permanent sensors, followed by twice-yearly measurements and an expert report, allowing you to make informed decisions about your planned maintenance.

Level 3 Service
With our continuous generator online monitoring suite operators will benefit from on-site trending as well as comprehensive half-yearly reports including recommendations to mitigate any risk of failure and to improve outage planning.

Level 4 Remote Service
For the highest level of assurance, we propose our remote generator monitoring system. This service includes a permanent remote data link to the GE Remote Monitoring Center allowing weekly checks as well as quarterly full reports, ensuring the earliest identification of any evolving issue.

In addition to these service levels, GE offers a variety of modules for your generator monitoring solutions. 


Available Modules

The fully integrated generator monitoring platform is a modular system with a user-friendly web-based interface. With one care box, instead of several standalone systems, any combination or all of the following power plant generator parameters can be monitored in real time to assess conditions and the need for maintenance:

  • The partial discharge module monitors the partial discharges continuously within the stator winding and bus duct.

  • The rotor flux module tracks rotor winding inter-turn short circuits and identifies the magnitude and slot location of the fault.

  • The rotor shaft voltage module detects failures in the rotor winding insulation, shaft grounding system and excitation issues.

  • The end winding vibration module provides continuous monitoring of stator end winding vibration location and magnitude.

  • The temperature module constantly monitors the generator temperatures in line with operating conditions, trending deviations from design values.

The GHM platform is also designed to be operationally compatible with most sensors produced and installed by third party manufacturers.

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