Taiwan’s changing power landscape

Taiwan’s government has set an ambitious goal to phase out all nuclear power sources by 2025 and increase the country’s use of natural gas to 50%. At the same time, the country is reducing its use of coal and increasing renewable resources. This rapidly changing energy mix is creating opportunities for Taiwan to diversify into fast, flexible, more efficient gas technologies that will help balance the country’s electricity grid and meet future demand.


A partnership based on trust—and speed

GE is playing a key role in helping Taiwan achieve its energy goals, working in close partnership with customers like Taiwan Power Company (TPC), which awarded GE its first major project in Taiwan in 2016. 

Datan 7 power plant:
Power in record time

GE was commissioned to install its H-class gas technology to help TPC’s new Datan unit 7 power plant meet the coming summer peak in electricity demand. The timeline seemed impossibly short, but GE successfully delivered and installed 2 7HA.02 gas turbines and 2 H65 generators—manufactured at the company’s U.S. plants in Greenville, SC and Schenectady, NY—in a record 9 months, providing the country with 600 MW of much-needed power.

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GE, its consortium partner Marubeni Corporation, and TPC celebrated the groundbreaking of Datan 8 & 9 in September 2019.

Datan 8 & 9 power plant:
Raising the first pillar

On July 2, GE, its consortium partner Marubeni Corporation and TPC celebrated the first pillar of the Datan 8 & 9 power plants—which will house the plant’s heat recovery system generators (HRSG).

A prayer ceremony was held as part of local tradition to usher in good fortune for the success of the project. It was a momentous occasion for members of the project team as well as thousands of GE personnel worldwide, who have helped deliver a power plant that will support the country’s energy needs and contribute towards the government’s mission to increase natural gas to 50% of the energy mix.

Expected to begin commercial operations in 2021-22, the Datan 8 & 9 project will include two power blocks equipped with two combined-cycle systems—for a total of four 7HA.02 gas turbines, four HRSGs and two STF-D650 steam turbines, all delivering a total power of more than 2GW.



Introducing the 7HA.03 gas turbine

GE’s HA gas turbine portfolio is the fastest-growing in its class with more than 100 units ordered by more than 40 customers across 20 countries. With more than 80 years of experience in gas turbine technology, we are always striving to make continuous technology improvements—leveraging advanced gas turbine materials, coating and cooling designs to improve output, efficiency and flexibility.

The result of these continued efforts is the 7HA.03, the most efficient 60Hz gas turbine in the world. This latest technology features more than 64% combined-cycle efficiency, higher than any other competing technology available today. Capable of generating more than 430 MW, the 7HA.03 also has the highest capacity in the 60Hz market. It also features industry-leading flexibility, with the ability to reach full gas turbine load in 10 minutes and full combined-cycle plant load in less than 30 minutes—making it a great complement to intermittent renewable sources.


combined-cycle efficiency

>430 MW

power output

10 min.

to full gas turbine load

<30 min.

to full combined-cycle load


lower cost of ownership over lifecycle*

*Compared to F-class gas turbines


GE’s commitment to Taiwan

GE has been playing an important role in supporting the development of Taiwan since 1976. Our latest-generation gas turbine technology is helping keep power running for the country’s people and businesses, our aviation technology helps power 80% of Taiwan’s commercial jets, and we provide healthcare products and services that address the health needs of Taiwan’s citizens. Today, GE’s footprint in Taiwan includes ten offices across eight locations, including more than 450 employees in Taipei.

With our global experience across diverse industries, GE is well-positioned to support Taiwan’s 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan, which focuses on seven industries and projects that will promote innovation, create high-income job opportunities, and support balanced development in high-value business sectors.



GE in Taiwan

Together, we are working to build advanced, sustainable solutions for Taiwan.


Boosting efficiency and reducing emissions

From the U.S. to Japan, GE is helping customers around the world increase their plant’s efficiency and power output with our latest gas turbine technology. Take a look at our most recent stories!


Managing outages with 3D additive printing

With the ability to print gas turbine parts in as little as a few days, GE’s 3D additive printing team can help increase a gas turbine’s efficiency with the right parts at the right time, and reduce outage times by making sure spare parts are available when needed.

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