Expanding Iraq’s energy landscape

Power is an essential part of life for the people of Iraq, and even more is needed. According to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, the country’s power sector must expand rapidly to meet rising energy consumption. During the summer alone, Iraq requires more than 28 GW of power, but it currently generates 18 GW.

“We have ambitious plans to improve the performance of the national electricity system in Iraq. The energy market in Iraq is a promising and important and the door is open for all companies to enter the market and contribute to the development of its energy capabilities.”

Majid Mahdi, Iraqi Minister of Electricity


Addressing Iraq’s near and long-term needs

GE is committed to working with Iraq to address all the country’s most pressing needs. With 300+ employees and country-wide operations, we are proud to partner with the government and people and committed to helping build and modernize Iraq.

Access to affordable, reliable, and more sustainable power not only affects the immediate quality of life for the average Iraqi, but also acts as a springboard to address and mitigate the socioeconomic challenges of today and tomorrow—and GE has the latest gas turbine technology to help provide more power for the people of Iraq. 


“The GE team’s unwavering enthusiasm to drive positive change in Iraq is driven by a genuine sense of purpose. Our team works on projects across the country to help solve its most significant healthcare, aviation, and energy infrastructure challenges. By bringing in the world’s most advanced technology, we are able to impact our community and strive for a more prosperous future for all Iraqis.”

Rasheed Al Janabi, President, GE Iraq


Leveraging your existing gas turbines

One way to protect your power plant investment and avoid losing installed power capacity is to keep your equipment up to date with regular maintenance and repairs. Planning ahead is key to improving the power output and efficiency of your existing gas turbine equipment, so if you have a fleet that has been in operation for many years, it may be time for an upgrade.

GE’s Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrade increases output and reduces heat rate in both simple cycle and combined-cycle applications and increases exhaust energy for cogeneration or combined-cycle applications. The AGP benefits of this upgrade translate to lower fuel costs and improved revenues for gas turbine customers.


Benefits of the AGP upgrade

Up to 8%
additional output while maintaining existing baseload
Up to 2% full load heat rate improvement for combined cycle
Up to 1,200 starts HGP interval
Up to 32,000 hours HGP interval

Up to 131 MW
Simple cycle output

Up to 2.5%
Heat rate improvement
FFH service intervals between hot gas path inspections for natural gas operation


Gas power is key to adding more power sources

As Iraq looks to provide unmet demand for power with new plants, natural gas is emerging as one of the most viable sources of additional power. In fact, if Iraq captures even 30 to 40% of the gas it currently flares —and GE has robust technology to achieve this now—the country can create up to 3.5 GW of additional power using a fuel that would otherwise have been wasted.

GE can help harness the power of natural gas with the world’s most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine —our HA technology—which has already delivered world-record levels of combined-cycle efficiency in both 50 and 60 Hz segments and is the fastest growing fleet of heavy duty gas turbines globally today.

When fast power is needed, GE can also offer one of the world’s most modular, reliable, and experienced mobile gas turbines: The TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine. Featuring mobile solutions—including trailer-mounted gas turbine generator set and containerized balance of plant—the TM2500 can put power on the grid within 30 days of contract signature.


The power of the people

GE employees across our gas power, grid, and healthcare businesses are partnering with the people of Iraq to achieve continued progress in society and improve people’s lives every day. Since 2015 we have collaborated with private and public financial institutions to help secure over US $2.4 billion in financing for energy sector projects across the country.


GE’s power projects in Iraq

A trusted partner for decades

Our presence in Iraq is based on a history of trust, partnership, and success. Together, we can continue our work to elevate the Iraqi electricity sector and develop new infrastructure and power generation solutions.


“At Mass Energy Group Holding, our mission is to make investments in the interests of the public by being an active contributor to the construction and development of Iraq’s power sector. In GE, we have found a reliable partner that is not only committed to the same values but also able to provide industry-leading technology, as well as world-class execution and service expertise on the ground in Iraq.”

Ahmad Ismail, Chairman of Mass Energy Group Holding

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