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Judgment Call: Why GE Is Experimenting With ‘Humble AI’

Fred Guterl
September 09, 2019

Here’s a nightmare story for you: Machines, endowed with artificial intelligence, get smarter than their creators, take charge and attempt to save humans from themselves. Oops. Smarts, it turns out, are different from wisdom. Pooh-poohing a saying variously attributed to Socrates, Aristotle as well Albert Einstein — the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing — the machines push ahead and bring civilization crashing down on all of us.


Extreme Measures: At 107 Meters, The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Blade Is Longer Than A Football Field. Here’s What It Looks Like

Tomas Kellner
April 18, 2019

How long is the world’s largest wind turbine blade? Stretching 107 meters, the blade is longer than a football field and equal to 1.4 times the length of a Boeing 747. Using a different measure, it would take Usain Bolt, the fastest human and a world record holder in the 100-meter dash, close to 10 seconds to race from its root to its tip. It might also represent one of the largest single machine components ever built. Workers just popped the first one from its mold at an LM Wind Power factory in Cherbourg, France.

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