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Fighter Jet

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Crammed With Electronics. It’s Up to GE Aerospace to Keep Them Working

Christine Gibson
August 24, 2023

The Air Force’s chief of staff called it “a computer that happens to fly.” An Air Force squadron commander called its pilots “quarterbacks in the sky.” The F-35 Lightning II, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, can reach supersonic speeds and may be the world’s stealthiest fighter plane.

Paris Air Show

Analyze This: How A Billion Points Of Data Will Light The Path Toward Cleaner, More Efficient Air Travel

Amy Kover
June 19, 2019
In 1927, pilot Charles Lindbergh wowed onlookers when he landed at Le Bourget Airport upon completing the first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight in history. More than 90 years later, spectacles still abound at this legendary site, chief among them the Paris Air Show, the largest annual aerospace-related gathering in the world. When viewers peer into the skies this year, they won’t be marveling at a single pilot’s derring-do but instead will see how billions of data points teeming through each aircraft can transform the aerospace industry.

An App Store For Airplanes: ‘Open Avionics’ Brings Aerospace Software Into The Modern Age

Dorothy Pomerantz
July 17, 2018

Sign up for a new bank account or buy a new car and chances are you’ll be prompted to download corresponding apps that will give you the ability to control your finances or your car stereo from your phone. Constantly updating your phone in this way — so it’s customized to your life — is so routine at this point that most of us just take it for granted.


The Great Farnborough Airshow Scavenger Hunt For GE Tech

Tomas Kellner
July 16, 2016
GE technology has been hiding in many unexpected places at the Farnborough International Airshow, which ends on Sunday in England. It was in the wings of the latest wide-body plane from Airbus, the A350 XWB, in the engines of the next-generation Boeing 737 MAX, in the cockpit of the newest Gulfstream jet, and even under the hood of a brand-new F-18 Super Hornet. We dispatched pilot and photographer Adam Senatori to sniff it out. Here’s what he brought back.
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