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GE's Powering Efficiency COE Solutions Help Aluminium Company Hindalco Reduce Power Generation Costs

May 09, 2017
Steam Turbine Upgrade with Hindalco Helps Reduce Power Costs Associated with Aluminium Production, Enabling Savings of Approximately up to $15 Million in Five YearsProject Utilizes GE’s India-Based…

First Time in China: GE's 9FA Advanced Gas Path Technology to Boost Efficiency at Shanghai Caojing's Power Station

March 28, 2017
GE’s Advanced Gas Path Technology Will Help Increase Output by Approximately 25 Megawatts, Boost Efficiency and Reduce Emissions at the PlantStation Serves as Model for Utilities in China Seeking to…

GE Recognizes Intel for Its Water Reuse Efforts in Oregon

March 22, 2017
HILLSBORO, OREGON-March 22, 2017-GE is honoring Intel Corporation with an Ecomagination Award to celebrate a new water recycling project at Intel’s Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. When…

GE Launches Global Powering Efficiency Center of Excellence, Offering Solutions to Help Reduce Coal Plant Emissions by up to 11 Percent

March 06, 2017
GE’s Powering Efficiency COE Combines the Expertise of Power Services, Steam Power Systems, Power Digital Solutions, the Global Research Center and Global Growth OrganizationProject in India…

Природоохранное подразделение GE поставит новый электрофильтр в филиал Группы «Илим» в Усть-Илимске

March 06, 2017
Усть-Илимск, 6 марта 2017 г. - General Electric (NYSE: GE) и Группа «Илим» - крупнейший российский производитель целлюлозно-бумажной продукции - подписали договор на поставку электрофильтра в филиал…

GE signs key orders for Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) for the European Energy Market

January 25, 2017
GE to supply eight units to TAG and OGE for gas compression stations in Austria and GermanyUp to 14MW Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) solution delivers high power performance with increased…

Neue GE-Studie zeigt: Software- und Hardware-Aufrüstungen könnten die weltweiten CO2-Emissionen aus Kohle- und Gaskraftwerken um eine Milliarde metrische Tonnen senken

December 09, 2016
Die erste Studie dieser Art zeigt das Potential auf, die CO2-Emissionen der globalen Kohle- und Gaskraftwerksflotte um eine Milliarde metrische Tonnen (MT) zu senken. Dies entspricht der Menge an CO2…

Ge, 소프트웨어와 하드웨어 업그레이드로 전세계 화력 발전소의 이산화탄소 배출량 10억 메트릭 톤(mt) 감축 예측

December 06, 2016
2016년 12월 7일, 서울 - GE는 현존하는 하드웨어와 소프트웨어 솔루션을 최대로 적용하여 전 세계 석탄과 가스 화력 발전소에서 배출되는 이산화탄소를 10% 가량 저감할 수 있다는 새로운 분석 결과를 발표했다. 이는 미국의 자동차 대수 95%를 줄이는 것과 동일한 이산화탄소 배출 감소효과로, 이번 분석은 기존의 기술을 사용하여 발전 시설을…

New GE Analysis: Software and Hardware Upgrades Could Cut Global CO2 Emissions from Coal and Gas Power Plants by One Billion Metric Tons

December 05, 2016
First-of-its-kind analysis shows the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from world’s fleet of coal and gas plants by one billion metric tons (MT) - the equivalent of taking 95 percent of U.S. cars off…

GE продвигает технологии по оптимизации работы станций на ископаемом топливе и экологически чистые решения для гидроэнергетики на PowerGen

October 31, 2016
МОСКВА, 28 октября, 2016 г. - Компания GE (NYSE: GE) представила свои решения для электростанций на ископаемом топливе и гидроэнергетики в рамках конференций  PowerGen/HydroVision - одного из…