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Using Grass As A Greener Source of Energy

January 07, 2015
Using Grass As A Greener Source of Energy
We are living in a world where energy is crucial and we can no longer rely solely on our natural resources for fuel. Innovation has opened up new possibilities for producing energy and at GE, the search for alternatives sources of energy is an ongoing process.

Here we share a great example of such an undertaking.

In most countries, grass is harvested feed livestock, but not for the farmers in Pampanga, Philippines.  Here, Napier grass is also used to fuel a revolutionary move towards renewable energy. Using GE’s Jenbacher Reciprocating Engine, the grass, when burned, will be able to fuel the Jenbacher Reciprocating Engine which in turn produces enough energy to power Pampanga’s Best meat factory.

The infographic captures the entire process as well as the benefits of using grass as a greener source of energy. To find out more about the project, click here.