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GE Chairman And CEO Jeffrey Immelt's Comments On UK Referendum

June 24, 2016

On Thursday, citizens of the United Kingdom voted 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent to leave the European Union, a decision known as the “Brexit.” The UK will now begin the process of separating itself from the 28-country economic and political union that allows goods and people to move as though the area is one nation. This is the first time a member state has voted to leave the EU and there are many aspects to the withdrawal that need to be negotiated within the next two years. GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt commented on the vote: 

"Although GE supported the UK remaining in the EU, we respect the decision of the British people and remain firmly committed to the UK and Europe. GE has 22,000 employees in the UK and 100,000 employees in Europe overall, who will continue to focus on delivering great outcomes for our customers," Immelt said.  "We believe in the potential to build a competitive Europe and UK through digital transformation and manufacturing.”

Top illustration credit: Getty Images