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Living Legacy: 10 Years After Haiti Earthquake, Rural Hospital Endures And Expands

Anne Miller
January 15, 2020
Also at the Paris Air Show, GE Aviation unveiled its GE9X jet engine, developed for Boeing’s new 777X widebody jet and practically made of superlatives. In addition to being the largest in the world, it’s the most powerful, and it’s also quiet and fuel-efficient. That’s because the engine includes parts made of lightweight and heat-resistant materials such as ceramic matrix composites and components built by 3D printer. Guinness World Records certified the engine as the world’s most powerful in July, after it clocked in at 134,300 pounds of thrust during a test run. In November, GE delivered the first four fully compliant GE9X engines to Boeing’s widebody plant in Washington, where they’ll take the 777X into the sky for the first time.