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It’s Raining Octopus: Is Your Business Ready?

June 24, 2016
Even when it’s bright and sunny, dark clouds are never far behind. And sometimes, those clouds are ready to rain octopuses down on you.

Is your business ready?


GE’s newest story imagines just that possibility. Critical infrastructure needs to be prepared for anything – whether it’s a blackout caused by squirrels or cephalopods raining from the sky.

Digital technology and advanced analytics from GE are helping anticipate every possible scenario, and even some impossible ones, to keep power flowing, trains running and hospitals operating efficiently.



The company is revolutionizing industry by embedding sensors that capture machine data then using powerful analytics to keep machines online and prevent unexpected downtime.

Using Predix, the cloud-based platform that helps powers the Industrial Internet, GE can build a “Digital Twin” that knows when a machine is operating outside normal conditions before the problem becomes detectable to operators.



Predix can then recommend a way to fix the equipment before it breaks or becomes a costly maintenance issue.

Whether it’s a stressed turbine blade or eight arms stuck in a compressor, GE is ready for anything.