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Improving Healthcare Affordability And Accessibility In Vietnam

May 28, 2018
"Vietnam’s National Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020 outlines some the country’s important near-term development goals, including healthcare targets such as providing 26 hospital beds, and two physicians for every 10,000 citizens by 2020.
In addition to developing and providing new skills and training for healthcare workers nationwide, learning how to use, and utilise new technologies is another important driver to improve standards and save more lives.

While the price of medical technology had been a barrier for emerging nations like Vietnam in the past, the cost of new equipment such as medical scanners, is decreasing and becoming more affordable for all hospitals – especially provincial and rural-based medical centers.

More affordable technologies are changing Vietnam’s health landscape and this video profiles a case study at Nghe An General Hospital where new tech has significantly improved medical diagnosis processes to save more lives.