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Tweeting Machines

Geeks go for #CC9900

August 12, 2016
The race has begun! Geeks are going for #cc9900.
The starting gun is still smokin’— there’s time to join this fiendish challenge. All you serious mathletes, data scientists and coding champions head to Twitter #cc9900 to tune into machines tweeting about their experiences at the Olympic Games. Hidden in these conversations is a coding challenge devised to pique your interest.

Time for your peak performance! Register at We know you’re intellectually ripped—show us your abs!

GEeks go for #CC9900 (the hexadecimal code for “gold”) invites athletes of the digital world to compete on the world stage. It’s a global callout for data scientists and software engineers to engage their prodigious brains, to dive into the data pool, to pedal to the mental velodrome at mach speed, and then to go the long, persistent distance of the final leg.

Yes, Tweeting Machines 2016 is like a triathlon only you don’t need a six pack. You do need to be mathematically ripped!

Did you think we were giving away $10,000 and a free trip to GE’s Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco in November for “25 words or less”? Oh no, the masterminds of this challenge, who prefer to remain anonymous, have ensured that it is a “devilishly difficult” competition. You’ll sweat.

Like an Unimpossible Mission, Tweeting Machines 2016 will test your accepted paths to the truth. Perhaps, like Owen, you’ll find it difficult to describe to your friends the feat you are engaged in.

If you have data scientist friends, and are, let’s say, a pillar of your software community, a colleague with principles, you will share this invitation to compete in GE’s industrial-scale arena. You decide. You’re playing for big stakes. GE is eager to extend your capabilities into the realm of the Industrial Internet, to pit your mental muscle against the brilliance of its software-enabled machines.

GE Reports poses the question: Could a smart machine be smarter than you?

We guarantee our Tweeting Machines conundrum will prove a worthy adversary. Compete for your country, and may the most agile brain win!