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GE Working Closer With Thailand In Providing A reliable, More Efficient Source Of Power

August 24, 2017
Using the same cutting edge technology from GE’s jet engines, GE continues to take the lead in energy efficiency with the recent launch of its latest gas turbine, the LM6000-PF+. The LM6000-PF+, the most efficient aeroderivative gas turbine produced by GE, is ideal for customers needing flexible power as quickly due as it can be installed speedily. The PF+ can be installed in half the time it takes to install previous LM6000 models, with full installation for a simple-cycle plant taking as little as 3 months while a combined-cycle plant can be up in 12 months.
At the recent POWER-GEN Asia Conference in Bangkok, the industry saw the signing of the largest deal made for distributed power applications in Thailand. Six units of the LM6000-PF+ has been ordered from Thailand’s Gulf Energy Development (GED) with Mitsui Corp (Mitsui) under EPC contract with TOYO Engineering Corp (TOYO).


GED’s EVP Business Development Ravi Kurmahorita (2nd from left) sealing the deal with GE Thailand GGO President and CEO Kovit Kantapasara (3rd from left). Ravi and Kovit are joined by LM6000 Product Line Manager Sherif Mohamed (left) and GE Power and Water’s Power Generation President for Asia Pacific Ramesh Singaram (right).

“We have faith in GE and believe that by choosing the LM6000-PF+, which is recognised for its increased performance and flexibility, it should serve our requirements fittingly for the specific project conditions. Moreover, it is a bonus for us to be the first market in the world to get this product,” said Ravi Kurmahorita, GED’s EVP for Business Development.

“This collaboration between GED and GE is very significant to us,” added Kovit Kantapasara, CEO of GE in Thailand. “We are happy to see GED benefiting from the LM6000 PF+’s enhanced technologies, and we are proud that GE is a strong partner with the Thai government to provide stable and efficient power solutions.”

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