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GE Indonesia Team Connecting and Powering Java-Bali Grid

April 16, 2020

The Java-Bali grid is the backbone of Indonesia’s electricity supply, providing power to more than half the nation’s citizens. It connects the major population centres and power production facilities of Java right through to the four million citizens of Bali. That’s why modern grid infrastructure in the Java-Bali grid is so essential to ensure sustainable electricity supply to the people of Indonesia.

The Central Java province of Batang is no exception when it comes to the need for modern electricity infrastructure. The region is home to over 700,000 people, all trusting in that simple need that when a switch is flicked, the lights turn on. The work of professionals like Satria Patrama, GE Site Manager on a recent project to upgrade grid infrastructure for the Java-Bali grid in Batang, are key to that journey.

GE Image “I’ve worked on this project since 2018, and it’s been a project of a lifetime, working with a highly dedicated and passionate team, with the visible support of our leadership group,” said Satria Patrama.

As Site Manager, Satria Patrama was responsible for four supervisors, together overseeing as many as three hundred workers operating on the site at any given time during the height of construction.

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The Java-Bali grid upgrade was no simple project. It was one which required operating on extremely tight deadlines, as well as having to tackle the imposing challenge of not interrupting power supplies during the sacred Eid al-Fitr festival.

Installation of the high-voltage equipment through to completion of the cable termination is a job which usually spans a three-month period. The team on this site had just 45 days to complete this work in order to keep the project timeline on track.

“This project was completed in 26 months, which is one month faster than the agreed period of 27 months specified in the project contract,” said Syukriansyah Putra, Project Group Manager at GE Power.

Simultaneous construction of civil works and unavoidable challenges of the local rainy season contributed to a project with more than its share of hurdles to overcome. Yet underpinning these efforts was the pressing need to ensure reliable power to citizens.

“The goal of this project is to increase the supply of electricity in the Java-Bali grid. The additional power will help increase the capacity and reliability of the grid,” said Joko Prakoso, Country Director at GE Grid Solutions.

A key benefit of this project has been the realisation of efforts to improve reliability in the local grid. It also provides a vital foundation for further improvement, with future grid infrastructure projects planned to enhance the grid with new connections and interconnections that will contribute to even greater reliability.

But the benefits to the local community are not only about the electrifying results, they were also present throughout the construction process. Between 250 and 300 local workers were employed on the site, providing valuable support in civil construction, transmission line erection and substation installation. That opportunity offers a boost to the local economy while also helping develop the skills of the local labour force.

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Delivering on such a complex project with its substantial workforce required a commitment to outstanding teamwork. Great engineering is only part of the solution, it must be supported by talented individuals working as part of a team to deliver a sum that is greater than its parts.

“It was a pleasure working with such a remarkable team, from construction and commissioning to project completion,” said Satria Patrama, going on to point out that a successful team is founded on principles of working effectively together, working safely in partnership, and a focus on commitments to deliver on essential work timetables.

When these elements of teamwork are aligned, the benefits filter down beyond the project itself to support the individuals on the ground. “I gained more experience in managing projects on tight schedules, which is valuable for projects I undertake in the future,” said Satria Patrama, concluding that “As part of a team I got the opportunity to give the best of myself to contribute in the project, working with a great construction and commissioning team to complete the project on time.”

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GE is an organisation built on the value of teamwork. It is powered by the skills of individuals, supported by the foundations of an organisation where every part works together to support the value of the whole. That journey takes us from the boardroom to the individuals on the ground, ensuring locals in places like Batang can enjoy the benefits of reliable power, delivered by a reliable team.