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The GE Gas Turbine Fleet: A Solution In Pictures

August 24, 2017
GE has been helping power the world for over a hundred years, from the first US power station in New York to the world’s first licenced nuclear power plant.
With more than 260 million operating hours accumulated by GE’s gas turbine fleet, we’re proud to deliver some of the most efficient, reliable and flexible solutions available in the industry today. GE is already helping to power the ASEAN region, and continues to work closely with nations like Indonesia to help attain ambitious energy development targets.

In the words of Power Generation Country Leader for GE Power and Water in Indonesia, George Djohan, “Each project has its own set of challenges. But in the end, it is the electricity produced from these projects which impacts people’s lives.” Here are some of the technologies engineered by GE to do just that.

1)      The 9E 3-series Gas Turbine. The Workhorse.


The 9E series gas turbine is the true workhorse of the GE gas turbine fleet with over 30 million operating hours clocked globally. It offers a flexible, adaptable power solution, capable of using more than 52 types of fuel including those with contaminants, natural gas, light and heavy distillate oil, naphtha and crude.

Its reliable technology delivers 132 MW in simple cycle operation with 99% reliability and is capable of more than 52% combined cycle efficiency in 2x1 9E configuration. Now with GE’s Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrade we can deliver even greater efficiency than before, increasing the life cycle and performance in both simple and combined cycle applications.

9E Series Performance:


Advanced Gas Path Features:


Advanced Gas Performance Improvements:



2)      TM2500+. The Power Plant on Wheels.


GE’s TM2500+ Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Generator delivers flexible, efficient power that can be quickly deployed to tackle local and national power generation challenges. Each unit can produce up to 26 MW of power with both 50Hz and 60Hz applications, providing full power from a standing start in less than 10 minutes. The duel fuel capability provides even greater flexibility to this rapidly deployed generator, as well as increased efficiency and cost savings over alternative reciprocating diesel or gas generators.

Known as the ‘Power Plant on Wheels’, the TM2500+ provided 480 MW of on-demand power to address the drastic power needs of Algeria in 2013. Summer peak-demand placed significant strain on the existing power infrastructure, yet 24 TM2500+ units provided more than 480 MW of efficient, reliable power to meet this need. With the additional advantage provided by the mobility of these units they were quickly relocated at the end of the summer peak-demand season to permanent power solutions in other parts of the country.

TM2500+ comparison to reciprocating diesel or gas alternatives:



3)      9HA Gas Engine. The Efficiency Leader.


GE’s 9HA high efficiency, air cooled heavy duty gas turbine is the industry leader in H-class technology, providing unrivalled 61% net combined-cycle efficiency. With the 9HA.01 delivering 397 MW and 9HA.02 delivering 510 MW this ultra-efficient gas turbine serves a broad power range. The high power density gas turbine enables the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity, helping energy providers meet increasingly dynamic power needs.

The first new gas power generation combined-cycle plant equipped with GE’s 9HA gas turbine is due to enter service in 2016 in Bouchain, France, where GE in partnership with EDF are developing one of the world’s most efficient gas-fired power plants. The flexibility of the 9HA gas turbine was chosen for its ability to deliver greater than 61% efficiency from start up in less than 30 minutes, providing a rapid response to changing power needs.

GE 9HA.01/9HA.02: