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GE Completes Equipment Commissioning In Three Major Hospitals In Yangon, Myanmar

August 24, 2017
The Government of Myanmar has been hard at work to improve access and quality of health. Since March 2011, a series of far reaching reforms were introduced and undertaken. The First Wave Reform introduced a multiparty democratic system and the transition from the old to a new system while the Second Wave Reform emphasised on strategies for executive, economic, political and social reforms. The Third Wave reform ensured a solid foundation for a new democracy to take root and a higher living standard for people, putting emphasis on things that will directly improve the wellbeing of the people.

Image credits: GE Healthcare

To assist Myanmar with their healthcare reform, GE has donated medical equipment at major hospitals in Yangon in line with the GE Foundation signature program, Developing Health Globally™. This was in partnership with the Myanmar Ministry of Health with the goal to improve access to healthcare in Myanmar, by providing technology and biomedical equipment training (BMET) at public hospitals, increasing the pipeline of primary care physicians in the public sector, and improving maternal and newborn care and mortality rates.

“Strengthening healthcare systems is critical for Myanmar’s economic growth. We are constantly improving our country’s healthcare systems, and we are appreciative to GE and GE Foundation for their support,” said Dr. Than Aung, Minister of Health.

The donated equipment covers critical hospital services such as maternal and child care, emergency care, and includes incubators, baby warmers, LED phototherapy, vital sign monitors, and ultrasounds and all these equipment have been installed at three hospitals in Yangon, Thanlyin District Hospital, South Okkalapa Women and Children Hospital, and Central Women Hospital.


“We are grateful to have the opportunity to help improve the healthcare system in Myanmar,” said David M. Barash, M.D., Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer of the GE Foundation.

“This capacity-building program delivers healthcare equipment, a structured training curriculum, and develops a pipeline of locally accredited physicians, in line with GE’s overall commitment to drive knowledge transfer, capabilities building and local job creation. We are pleased to have collaborated with the government of Myanmar since 2013 to help expand access to healthcare in this region. We are committed to continuing work with the government on these capacity-building projects to help meet its ‘Myanmar Health Vision’ goals.”


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