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Electrifying Indonesia: Efficient Solutions From GE

August 26, 2017
A National Commitment.
The commitment to developing Indonesia’s energy infrastructure is not simply a challenge, but a huge opportunity to deliver real, effective change. In the words of Power Generation Country Leader for GE Power and Water in Indonesia, George Djohan, “Each project has its own set of challenges. But in the end, it is the electricity produced from these projects which impacts people’s lives.”

With its abundance of natural resources, including the enviable position as the world’s 10th largest producer of natural gas, Indonesia is well placed to deliver that meaningful change. As vital as access to those natural resources may be, it is equally the collective will and dedication to change which will make these goals achievable. With more than 260 million operating hours accumulated by GE’s gas turbine fleet, we’re proud to deliver some of the most efficient, reliable and flexible solutions that can help make those ambitions a reality.

The TM2500+ - A Flexible Power Plant on Wheels


“Indonesia is in the middle of transformation to become an industrialised nation. A lot of electricity will be needed to support this. Being an archipelago country, Indonesia will need a diverse range of power generation technology, tailored to meet the needs of a specific area and region,” said George Djohan of GE Power and Water, Indonesia.

Large scale infrastructure projects for centralised power will not be the only answer, but instead form part of a dynamic approach to energy production. If flexibility is key, then the GE TM2500+ ‘Power Plant on Wheels’ offers an efficient, rapidly deployed solution.

The TM2500+ produces up to 31 MW of power in 50Hz and 60Hz applications and offers a duel fuel solution to energy production. It harnesses technology from the highly successful LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine, providing an efficient solution backed by over 69 million hours of operation. It is a rapidly deployed unit, with start up to full power in less than 10 minutes and with units able to be transported to even the most remote location within days, requiring only 6 months deployment timing. It provides the mobility of a distributed power solution ideally suited to the region.

There are alternatives to the TM2500+. Both diesel and gas reciprocating units are often used in applications in which the TM2500+ excels. However it would require roughly 100 reciprocating engines to generate the same power as 4 TM2500+ units, and take as much as three times as long to deploy.

The TM2500+ also offers a significant savings. Assuming conditions of 33 °C, 85%RH, at sea level, with 85% CF, fuel costs of $13 for gas and $1 for diesel and a standard efficiency in the reciprocating units of 45% for diesel and 44.2% for gas, potential savings for a TM2500+ solution generating 100MW over a 20 year period is as much as $1Bn. That’s an astonishing figure for a unit which alongside reliable, rapidly deployed power can provide permanent grid firming to a fast growing economy.

The 9HA Gas Turbine - Efficiency for Indonesia.


If efficiency offers an answer, then the comprehensive solution provided by the 9HA gas turbine stands ready to deliver. GE’s 9HA high efficiency, heavy duty gas turbine is the industry leader in H-class technology, providing unrivalled over 61% net combined-cycle efficiency. With the 9HA.01 delivering 397 MW and 9HA.02 delivering 510 MW the 9HA series serves a broad power range, and enables the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity.

The 9HA gas turbine doesn’t simply offer an ultra-efficient solution, but one which delivers true operational flexibility. It has a fast 10-minute ramp up from start command to gas turbine load, with up to 70MW/minute ramping capability within emissions guidelines. The 9HA not only helps meet immediate, large changes in energy demand but maintains high efficiency standards in doing so.

Despite its industry leading efficiency, the 9HA is one of the least complex H-class offerings to date, avoiding the separate cooling systems from preceding models. The modular systems provide ease of installation, with on-going maintenance costs reduced by the quick removal turbine roof, field-replaceable blades and 100% borescope inspection coverage for all blades. With the 9HA GE delivers efficiency today beside the requirements for efficiency far in to the future.

The 9E Series - A GE Workhorse.

In meeting the needs of industry and the requirements of a rapidly developing nation, reliability of energy supply is hugely important. With GE’s advanced engineering we not only offer new, flexible, efficient turbines, but the ability to upgrade and improve efficiency in operational units.

The 9E series is the workhorse of the GE gas turbine fleet, with over 30 million operating hours to date. It delivers 132 MW of power in simple cycle operation with 99% reliability, and is capable of more than 52% combined cycle efficiency in 2x1 9E configuration.

A sustainable power solution must adapt. The 9E series utilises 52 fuel types, from crude to natural gas. GE delivers further developments with the Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrade. AGP offers an increased output, increased heat rate improvements, higher exhaust energy and increases component parts life durability while delivering a significant fuel cost reduction. Applying this upgrade to a 9E 3-series unit shipped from 2003-2007 will deliver a 4.2% increase in output, reduce the heat rate by 2.5% and increase exhaust energy by 0.3%.

The AGP solution applied at the EDF Gent Ringvaart facility in Belgium helped ensure the continued economic viability of the plant, endangered by the challenging economic environment in Europe. By delivering higher load efficiency and longer maintenance intervals it offers increased economic efficiency to contribute to the plants continued survival. These are the solutions which can ensure an economy continues to grow, yet offers the ability to adapt to changing energy needs.

Electrifying Indonesia with GE.


“Indonesia needs to have a clear and comprehensive blueprint on energy…private participation needs to be encouraged with government support in the form of clear regulation and reduced bureaucracy,” said George Djohan. He continued “GE has a complete product portfolio of power generation technology. This enables GE to address customer’s need from a bigger picture.”

In the face of a country like Indonesia, that bigger picture is large indeed. It is the biggest economy in ASEAN, spread over the world’s largest archipelago. Yet Indonesia could benefit hugely from this national drive for further energy development. Indonesia is a nation which has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. With our world leading gas turbine fleet, GE stand ready to provide the energy solutions which will help that growth to continue.