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Building a world that works for tomorrow: Our 2020 Sustainability Report

Steve Winoker
July 12, 2021

As you may have seen, this morning we published our 2020 Sustainability Report highlighting our progress and long-term commitments towards building a world that works and a more sustainable future. As Larry mentioned, “Sustainability priorities are woven into all that we do, and this is right for business and the planet.”

GE is committed to an integrated approach to strategy, risk & sustainability. We have an active, engaged, and independent Board of Directors. We have a culture of leading with integrity, advancing diversity and inclusion, and of continuous improvement, leveraging lean to help us execute our sustainability strategy.

We’re committed to innovating as we lead the energy transition to drive decarbonization, develop precision healthcare that personalizes diagnoses and treatments, and build a future of smarter and more efficient flight. For example, our Haliade-X is the most powerful offshore wind turbine built today.  HA turbines can already run on a 50% hydrogen/gas mix, and work is underway to extend the capability to 100% hydrogen by the end of the decade.  GE Healthcare recently developed Vscan Air, a pocket-sized, wireless ultrasound scanner improving healthcare access and joining the Vscan Family of technologies with 30,000 units in more than 100 countries. GE Aviation recently joined Safran to unveil our shared vision for the future of flight, with a revolutionary new technology demonstration program that will ensure even greater efficiency than today's most advanced engines. Throughout 2020, a year unlike any other, we adapted quickly and innovated to address the challenges presented by COVID-19, ensuring the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Over the course of our 129-year history, GE has pioneered technologies that have driven transformational changes and improved the lives of billions. In addition to innovative technology to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges, we are committed to improving our impacts to our people, communities and planet.  Looking ahead, we are setting a further ambition for GE to be a net zero company by 2050—encompassing not just GE’s operations, but also the Scope 3 emissions from the use of sold products. We look forward to partnering closely with our customers on providing existing and future technologies to help them succeed in meeting their own ambitions and addressing climate change.

Our role in innovating and improving our impacts to continue our legacy of improving the quality of life for people globally is a source of pride for GE.   I encourage you to read our report available here.

Thank you for your continued interest in GE.